About Elmore Jam


Head Chef Beatriz Maldonado Carreño (Bea) originally hails from Bogotá Colombia. For over 15 years Bea has been creating wonderful food for restaurants and supper clubs in Colombia and London. Before moving to London, she trained as a chef in Argentina, lived in Chile and worked in renowned Peruvian and Mexican restaurants. Through the years Bea has collected enough recipes, ingredients and stories to create our unique menu. More about Bea

Beatriz Maldonado Carreno, Chef, Supperclub.tube


Nick Atkins took over the project in 2018, and since then the supper club has continued to thrive from week to week. Using his experience with The Elmore Jam, a supper club that he ran from his Islington home since 2015, Nick was able to expand the business from its previous owner welcoming a new chef and opening three days a week. “Hosting is something that I have always enjoyed which probably links back to some of my past careers such as DJ-ing at the age of 17. Bringing our current head chef on board has without doubt enabled the business to get to where it is today.”

Nick Atkins, Owner, Supperclub tube